Neyland Stadium

University of Tennessee Football

Knoxville, TN


Darren Seybold

Director of Sports Surface Management

After researching different bermudagrass varieties and looking for something that would stay greener longer in the climates of East Tennessee, the University of Tennessee selected Latitude 36 for historic Neyland Stadium.  Latitude 36 is a top quality rated, cold-hardy bermudagrass developed by renowned Oklahoma State University that offers high traffic tolerance and excellent tensile strength. Latitude 36 also has a dark green color and fine texture which makes it a good choice for a collegiate sports field aesthetically and functionally.

“As far as cold tolerance, staying greener longer into the season, that is definitely something we noticed. Last year we were able to put less ryegrass up on the practice field which is something we really noticed because that’s a facility that gets used four to five days a week instead of once a week.  So if we can get less ryegrass here at the stadium which gets used once every 14 days, you know that’s a big benefit for us late in the season.”

– Darren Seybold – Director of Sports Surface Management
University of Tennessee

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