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Celebration Hybrid™ Bermudagrass was released from Mississippi State University in September 2022. Celebration Hybrid is an improved variety resulting from crosses of Celebration® Bermudagrass. Celebration Hybrid features top-tier drought tolerance in the National Turfgrass Evaluation bermudagrass trials but also adds many other improved features that may make this the best overall bermuda on the market. It showcases a finer texture and better shade tolerance than its predecessor Celebration with fewer seed heads and with less thatch. It also has a better cold tolerance, performing well deep into the transition zone. It was trialed at golf course sites across the Southeast United States where it was favored by superintendents.

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Celebration Hybrid™ Bermudagrass Characteristics

Top-tier Drought Performance
Disease Resistant
Dark Green Genetic Color
Reduced Seed Head Production
Among the Best Shade Tolerance for a Bermuda
Excellent Blocking Ability and Density

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Interested in Licensing

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