A New Website Launches for Licensed Sod Producers 

Sod Solutions has launched a new website,, which is dedicated to meeting the needs of our licensed turfgrass producers. This sod producer-specific website is part of an overall communication strategy by Sod Solutions to interact digitally and more effectively with three important – but very different – audiences: homeowners, landscape professionals, and licensed sod producers.

For Homeowners, the flagship website for our company, is now geared 100% to meeting the needs of the homeowner. From helping them select the next best grass for their front yard, to determining how many square feet they need to order, to educating them on the site prep necessary before a sod delivery arrives, promotes our proprietary grasses, educates the homeowner on how to take care of them, and enable them to purchase online sod, plugs, and control products. With a dedicated customer service team and a weekly email newsletter that goes out to over 20,000+ Sod University subscribers, exists to serve the needs of the homeowner, which are very different than those of the landscape professional.

For Landscape Professionals was launched in late 2019 to communicate more effectively with landscape professionals, such as architects, specifiers, wholesalers, installers, contractors, golf course superintendents, and sports field managers. From turfgrass specification consulting to maintenance troubleshooting, from accessing site references to learning about the success professionals are having with our proprietary turfgrasses, the content on SodSolutionsPro meets the needs of landscape professionals. Turf Talk is the email newsletter that communicates stories that landscape professionals what to know about. However, the most significant audience for Sod Solutions is that of our licensed sod producers.

For Licensed Sod Producers is an online resource for Sod Solutions’ Licensed Producers. On this website, licensed sod produces for our improved turfgrass varieties can keep informed with updates from their Territory Manager on news and events in the turfgrass industry, access the marketing toolkit for their licensed turfgrasses, submit plant stock request forms, read about ongoing research, remain up to date on the latest software technology, secure information about Sod Solutions Accredited Licensed Turfgrass (SALT) program, and log into Sod Solutions’ Monthly Acreage Reporting System (MARS).

Licensed Sod Producers are the backbone of Sod Solutions’ core business; they are responsible for the production of our improved, patented and trademarked turf varieties, It is the goal of Sod Solutions to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our licensed producers. We hope that you find as useful as we intend it to be. If you have any suggestions on how we can better serve you, please email Christian Broucqsault at

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