Ability to Join New SatQuote™ Affiliate Program

The same development team at Sod Solutions that brought you the proven software behind Turf Logistics™ has recently launched SatQuote™. This new product, built specifically for the outdoor service industry, is a software platform that helps landscapers, lawn care operators and other outdoor service professionals bid better with tools to measure, design and quote jobs.

SatQuote wants your sod farm to become an affiliate! Refer a company to SatQuote and receive a 20% commission on your monthly or annual subscription for up to two years. Refer 10 customers and you’ll earn a $100 bonus commission.

“We are really excited to offer customers this game-changing, revolutionary satellite imagery and software technology. We look forward to bringing you along for the ride to get accurate measurements for your customers which will help avoid over and underestimating the quantity of sod needed for order fulfillment. With SatQuote, your farm and your installation partners can both win,” said Founder and Chief Technology Officer Drew Wagner.

Outdoor service providers will be able to save money and deliver bids faster by utilizing SatQuote’s full suite of tools on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Understanding the details, layout, and measurements of potential work before wasting time and money driving to the site will save business owners and salespeople significant time and allow them to focus on the highest profit jobs.

Sod producers will ultimately benefit by offering their core customer base SatQuote, a product that will allow them to operate more efficiently and measure more accurately.

If you’re ready to earn a commission and help your customers, visit to sign up as SatQuote affiliate today!

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