Canvasing the Sunshine State: A Productive Spring Tour of Authorized Distributors

Spring is certainly in the air. For Florida though, April and May are more like summer with the jumpstart the weather gets in the Sunshine State. So visits to nurseries and landscape professionals in February aren’t ideal. Consequently, our grounds crew in Florida hit the road in May to connect with over 100 grass-selling professionals across the state, from the Panhandle to the Keys. Martín Ignes and Mark Kann, road warriors at Sod Solutions, embarked on this journey, forging relationships with those at the forefront of turfgrass sales and service.

“In addition to our valuable producer partners and their customers, we also see tremendous value in building long-lasting relationships with our Authorized Distributors (ADs).  We want to ensure they are equipped with the necessary education, marketing materials, and names of authorized growers to be able to provide the appropriate grass varieties to them and their customers,” said Kann, director of Florida operations.

Martín Ignes(pictured above) visiting Authorized Distributors throughout Florida.

“Visiting our Authorized Distributors (ADs) this spring has provided me with an opportunity to meet so many new people in the Florida Turfgrass Industry,” remarked Ignes, the Florida director of retail and professional development. “They have provided me with tremendous feedback on the needs of our ADs which has allowed us to connect them with growers in their areas to provide them the grass varieties that they need for their customers.”

These trips serve two purposes: cultivating strong relationships and staying abreast of the latest industry developments. This year, there have been significant advancements to discuss, particularly in the form of rapidly expanding new grass varieties originating from the University of Florida, the state’s largest agricultural university. CitraBlue® St. Augustine and CitraZoy® Zoysia have been specifically developed to address common grass-related issues in Florida. They boast disease tolerance (crucial in the region), shade tolerance and the ability to thrive in the local climate.

“Our ADs have been really excited about seeing some of the newer varieties of turfgrass that Sod Solutions has to offer. The biggest buzz has been around CitraZoy, which has seen an increase in production and acres over the past year,” said Kann.

Additionally, the team expressed excitement about two other newly released grasses: Cobalt® St. Augustine and Celebration Hybrid Bermudagrass. While they are currently in the licensing and expansion phase, they will be accessible in the coming years.

During their visits, the team showcased various grass samples, including trusted standards such as EMPIRE® Zoysia, Palmetto® St. Augustine and Celebration® Bermuda. These three grass varieties have continued to thrive across the state for over two decades.

To support our retailers, our team has brought along point-of-sale materials for distribution. If you’re interested, you can also request these materials by filling out the form on our website. We’ll make sure to visit your location soon and provide you with the necessary resources.

Mark Kann (left) visiting Sunset Sod, an Authorized Distributors in Florida.

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