EMPIRE® Zoysia Authorized Distributor Blitz

Over the course of the last month, new Florida Territory Manager Mark Kann along with Gary Bradshaw, have been driving across the state meeting with authorized distributor outlets and landscaper/installers.

The purpose of the meetings are many:

  1. To meet the managers and staff face to face as this is the first time Kann has had the opportunity to introduce himself to Sod Solutions authorized distributors.
  2. To familiarize territory managers with the current and ongoing needs of the outlet. Sod Solutions desires to know the outlets’ main customers, who they buy EMPIRE® Zoysia from and more.
  3. To discover if any authorized distributors have difficulty acquiring EMPIRE.
  4. To find out if outlets need banners, rack cards or other sale materials.

The continuing meetings are fruitful, and Kann expects to be visiting them on a regular basis. If you want Kann to reach out to a specific outlet on your behalf, contact him at or 352-538-7462.



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