Get Informed About the Sod Checkoff Program

Sod Solutions would like to bring an important topic up to all sod producers. Currently, there is a proposed sod checkoff program, which if passed would fund research, promotion and education towards the sod industry. This program has not yet entered the public comment period, but producers are encouraged to engage and learn about the checkoff now so they can offer feedback when that period begins later this year.

The purpose of this article is to inform licensed sod producers on the current status of the sod checkoff. Sod Solutions encourages producers to get involved as your business sees fit and make your own, informed decisions about the checkoff.

Turfgrass Producers International’s Executive Director, Casey Reynolds, PhD, emphasizes that the proposed sod checkoff was written by sod producers, for sod producers, and if passed will also be run by sod producers. “The public comment period is our industry’s chance to provide further input on the program before the final version is posted for voting in a nationwide referendum among sod producers.”

All sod producers that wish to get involved should do so if they want to provide comments directly to USDA when the public comment period opens. “This is our industry’s checkoff, not the USDA’s or anyone else’s, and it is important that the USDA hear directly from us on what we’d like to see out of a potential checkoff program,” Reynolds added.

Reynolds shared that there are still plenty of opportunities between now and a potential nationwide referendum on the proposed checkoff for farms to learn how their business would be impacted if the checkoff were approved and implemented.

He encourages producers to get involved in the early stages of this process to understand how the program would work if passed, when the referendum will occur, how and where to vote, and so forth. Anyone wanting to stay involved throughout the entire process can sign up for notifications at

Over the past 18-24 months Reynolds has traveled all over the United States to speak at local, regional and national sod producer meetings to answer questions about the checkoff, and TPI will continue to do so for anyone that would like to attend a local sod producer meeting to learn more.

Sod producers can also visit or contact Reynolds personally anytime if they have questions or would like to discuss it.

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