Innovation™ Zoysia Checks All the Boxes

For a new turfgrass to succeed in the marketplace, three things are required of the grass:

  1. It must provide a production advantage to the sod farm.
  2. It must offer improved characteristics to the landscape professional and the end-user.
  3. It must be grown by a network of sod farms with excellent quality and service.

Innovation® Zoysia checks all three boxes and is meeting great success with sod producers, with installation crews and landscapers and with end-users. The below videos capture some of the overall success.

For the Sod Producer

Sod Producers have observed in Innovation considerably quicker regrowth from ribbons when compared to Emerald. This translates into shorter residency on the farm, increased turns and greater profit per acre.

Developed as an improvement to longtime-standard Meyer zoysia, Innovation has also gone on to exhibit favorable characteristics when compared to other commercially available cultivars grown and sold in the transition zone, including Zorro, Zeon and EMPIRE. Specifically, Innovation retains fall color longer and exhibits earlier spring green-up than all of the above cultivars. This extended sales window also contributes to greater profit per acre.

Compared to Meyer, Innovation is finer bladed, has greater leaf density and consistently ranks higher in comparative turfgrass quality ratings. These are all characteristics that enable sod farms to sell Innovation for a slightly higher price, which again contributes to greater profit per acre.

Hear from Texas grower Myles Kubiceck on his experience growing and expanding Innovation:

Hear from South Carolina grower Bill Nimmer on his experience:

For the Installer

Installers have commented favorably on the excellent tensile strength and blocking ability of Innovation sod slabs, making their job easier and their customer pleased with the finished look of a freshly installed Innovation lawn.

For the End-User

Homeowners and turf professionals alike have commented on the nice, soft feel of Innovation as they walk on it and the beauty of the fine-bladed zoysiagrass. Being one of the first lawns or courses to green up has many end-users very pleased with their choice of Innovation as their new turfgrass.

See below photos of a residential installation and a golf installation.

Residential installation in Charleston, SC
University of Louisville Golf Club

Excellent Network of Licensed Producers

Over 600 acres of Innovation are currently being produced by a network of outstanding sod farms spanning 17 states in the USA and internationally in Brazil and Italy.

If you are a producer of Meyer or Emerald Zoysiagrass and are interested in generating greater profit per acre than what you are currently receiving, you need to consider Innovation. Licensing opportunities are still available in certain markets. Contact Christian Broucqsault at for licensing details.

Click here to download the Innovation Zoysiagrass White Paper.

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