Introducing Tommy Lineberger: Your New Southeast Territory Manager

Sod Solutions has some exciting news to share with our licensed producers regarding a recent transition within our team. As you may already know, Whit Jacobs, your current SouthEast Territory Manager, is moving into a different role within our organization. We are pleased to introduce a Sod Solutions team member you may already know as his successor. Tommy Lineberger has officially taken on Whit’s role and he will be working closely with you moving forward.

Tommy is a highly experienced professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role of Territory Manager. He graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelors Science in Turfgrass Science, which has provided him with a solid foundation in the industry. Following graduating, he worked in the turfgrass retail industry.

Tommy Lineberger brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role of Territory Manager.

During his past three years working at Sod Solutions, Tommy has worked in various roles, most recently as the Director of Retail and Business Development. This experience has allowed him to cultivate strong relationships with customers and gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs and expectations. Tommy’s keen eye for identifying opportunities and his strategic mindset have been instrumental in driving growth and success for both our company and our valued partners.

“Tommy is passionate about the turfgrass industry and is committed to providing exceptional support to sod farms. He possesses knowledge of our products and solutions and understands the importance of tailoring them to meet the specific demands of your business. With his industry insights and understanding of your unique challenges, Tommy is well-equipped to guide and support you in maximizing your productivity and profitability. Please join me in congratulating Tommy on his new role,” said Chief Operating Officer, Christian Broucqsault.

Rest assured, the transition from Whit to Tommy will be seamless. Whit will be assisting Tommy during the handover process to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of service. We understand that change can sometimes be accompanied by apprehension, but we firmly believe that Tommy’s skills, expertise and commitment will greatly benefit your partnership with Sod Solutions.

We encourage you to reach out to Tommy Lineberger at
or 919-770-0680 to introduce yourselves, discuss any ongoing projects, or share your specific needs. He is eager to begin working with you and looks forward to building a strong and enduring partnership.

Tommy Lineberger enjoys fishing.

Tommy lives in Pinehurst, NC with his wife Heather and their eight-month-old daughter, Carly Jean. In his spare time, Tommy enjoys golf, fishing and the painful addiction of watching NC State athletics.

As always, please remember is also a profound resource for any questions or materials for our valued licensed producers. The latest 2023 Mid-Year Turf Review publication is posted on the homepage of the website and other important assets can be found on the resource tab.

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