Summer Trade Show Season Underway in Florida

As the scorching summer months set in, Florida’s trade show season is in full swing, bringing together industry professionals and enthusiasts from various sectors. Among the prominent participants is Sod Solutions, a leading company in the turfgrass and landscaping industry.

Southeast Builders Conference (SEBC) – July 19 & 20

Kicking off the summer trade show season, Sod Solutions Professionals exhibited at the Southeast Builders Conference in Orlando on July 19-20. The SEBC is one of the premier trade events for home builders and related professionals in the region. It serves as a platform for showcasing the latest innovations, products, and services in the construction and housing industry.

At the SEBC, Sod Solutions aimed to establish valuable connections with home builders, architects and developers, while also showcasing a range of high-quality turfgrass solutions for residential landscapes including EMPIRE® Zoysia, a proven zoysia for homebuilders.

Florida ASLA Conference and Expo – July 27-29

Sod Solutions also attended the Florida American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Conference and Expo, July 27-29. This event brings together landscape professionals, designers and architects from across Florida to share ideas, explore emerging trends and foster networking opportunities.

During this conference and expo, Sod Solutions showcased their expertise in turfgrass and landscape solutions, offering insights on how their products can contribute to sustainable and aesthetically pleasing landscape designs. With a commitment to environmentally friendly practices, Sod Solutions aims to play a significant role in transforming Florida’s urban and rural landscapes.

The Landscape Show – August 23-25

The grand finale of Florida’s summer trade show season, The Landscape Show, is set to take place in Orlando Aug. 23-25. This event is one of the largest gatherings in the state’s landscaping and horticulture industry, attracting over 7,000 attendees eager to explore the latest trends, plant materials and equipment.

Sod Solutions is prepared to present its cutting-edge turfgrass varieties, landscape solutions and professional services with a “Florida’s Best Backyard” exhibit set up in a 20×20 space. There will also be large displays of CitraBlue® St. Augustinegrass and CitraZoy® Zoysia at the booth along with a number of other improved turfgrass varieties. If you want to learn more, stop by booth #1033.


With the summer trade show season in Florida now underway, Sod Solutions is at the forefront of promoting sustainable and innovative turfgrass and landscaping solutions. Sod Solutions active participation in events like the Southeast Builders Conference, Florida ASLA Conference and Expo, and The Landscape Show exemplifies their commitment to driving advancements in the industry. By engaging with builders, architects, landscapers and industry professionals at these events, Sod Solutions endeavors to shape a greener and more beautiful future for Florida’s landscapes.

If you have an interest in working at one of these or any future shows, please email Sod Solutions Events Coordinator, Beth Broucqsault at

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