The New-Look FEMG Steering Committee

When the Florida EMPIRE Marketing Group (FEMG) was established, a steering committee was set up to make decisions on behalf of all grower members, including those involving membership, acreage increases and to review the annual marketing plan and budget. The committee structure consists of two members from Sod Solutions, two tier-one growers and one tier-two grower. For the last few years, this group has consisted of Tobey and Christian from Sod Solutions, Travis Council of Council Growers, holding the seat of the tier-two grower and Dave Dymond from H&H Sod and Keith Truenow from Lake Jem holding the two tier-one seats.

During the fourth quarter of 2020, political and industry changes required modifications to be made to the two tier-one seats. Travis Council along with Tobey and Christian will continue in their roles. Keith Truenow won his bid to join the Florida House of Representatives (congratulations Keith) and will step off of the committee. In his place will move Dave Dymond. Dave left H&H shortly after it was purchased by the Loving Group and is now the farm manager at Lake Jem. We are excited to welcome Richard Burns from Star Farms to the committee; Richard brings years of experience to the group and will representing tier-one growers.

This newly formed steering committee met on Dec 15th to review and approve the 2021 marketing plan and budget. In this series of FEMG updates, the details of the marketing plans will be shared with FEMG members.

As the risks from COVID diminish, our team will set up individual meetings with FEMG members to share them as well. Perhaps before the end of the year (let’s hope) we can meet as a group. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Christian at





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