Turf Research Florida Seeks Partners for Low Input Grasses

The Turf Research Florida – Low Input Bahia / St. Augustine Sponsored Research Program (TRF Low Input Program) is a collaboration between the University of Florida, the Turf Producers of Florida and Sod Solutions. The TRF Low Input Program is being formed for the following purposes:

  1. To fund the Turfgrass Science program at the University of Florida to breed, research, develop, and release St. Augustinegrasses and Bahiagrasses that require fewer inputs from farms and end-users and that will handle Florida-specific environmental challenges (LVN, drought, fungus, insects, etc.).
  2. To release improved grasses from the University of Florida Turfgrass Science program in Florida and worldwide through Sod Solutions, who will be the licensing and marketing agent for any new grasses resulting from the program.
  3. To develop from the royalty proceeds from released grasses two ongoing streams of revenue – one to fund future UF turfgrass breeding research and another to fund the Turf Producers of Florida.
Hear from Dr. Kevin Kenworthy

On April 28, 2022, at the Turf Producers of Florida Annual meeting in Tampa, Florida, Dr Kevin Kenworthy introduced the TRF Low Input Program and explained how it has been structured so that it provides the maximum benefit to those growers that become contributing members of the program. Please view the 6-minute video by Dr. Kenworthy to hear his presentation.

Between now and September 30, 2022, Sod Solutions will work with the TPF to engage in two activities:

  1. Soliciting each TPF member to become a contributing member of the TRF Low Input Program; only members of the TRF Low Input Program will have the ability to license new grasses resulting from the program.
  2. Identifying and soliciting non-TPF members who are key players in Bahia production to become both a TPF member and a contributing member of the TRF Low Input Program. This includes those farms that grow Bahia for cattle grazing and/or turf production as well as those entities involved in harvesting and reselling.

For a sod farm to be eligible to license for grasses released under the TRF Low Input program, it must maintain membership in the TPF and be a contributing member of the TRF Low Input program.

Do You Want to Get Started?

Sod Solutions has made the switch to use a fully digital contract signature process. This allows for you to receive a fully executed contract within minutes of final signatures. This eliminates the timely process of mailing or faxing contracts and will finalize the agreement quicker. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mark Kann or Christian Broucqsault.

Request a Copy of the Sponsored Research Agreement here or begin the Ditigal Contract Process here.

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