Clemson Research Trials

RESEARCH PARTNER: Clemson University, Sod Solutions, Nimmer Turf, Green Acres Turf Farm and Carolina Fresh
GOAL: Study and compare existing and upcoming turfgrass varieties
Sod Solutions Pro Turf Research


Sod Solutions is working in collaboration with Clemson University to further investigate the performance of some of its newly released grasses and experimental lines still being developed.

Clemson University has a traditional and active turfgrass program. Dr. Haibo Liu and Dr. Bert McCarty have both participated in many important and significant research projects including a shade tolerance trial on bermudagrasses and herbicides and fertility tests as well.
This study will include Sod Solutions’ existing turfgrass varieties and new, experimental lines. The research studies include evaluations of the ultrafine zoysias being developed by the University of Florida, newly released Lobo™ Zoysia from NC State and experimental bermudagrass lines from the Mississippi State ‘Celebration X’ Program.

The research area is also hosting demonstration plots of ultra-dwarf bermudagrasses for greens: Sunday® and Mach 1®, as well as some of our recently released grasses like Innovation Zoysia, Santee Centipede (a seeded variety) and our traditional EMPIRE® Zoysia.

The research efforts involve contributions from three sod producers in South Carolina: Nimmer Turf, Green Acres and Carolina Fresh, who all donated sod to be used on the tests and evaluations.

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