Turf Research Ultrafine Zoysia

RESEARCH PARTNER: Sod Solutions, University of Florida, NC State University, Modern Turf, JW Turf, Clemson University
LOCATION: South Carolina, Florida
GOAL: Develop new ultrafine zoysia varieties especially for golf


Sod Solutions is working with both universities and private companies to develop new ultrafine zoysia varieties. The aim is to bring to market zoysias with less thatch, more winter color, fewer maintenance needs and more overall playability, especially for golf.

Traditionally ultra-dwarf bermudagrasses used for golf greens offer excellent ball speed and deliver a great overall green quality. But new research is showing that some zoysias can also be used on golf greens. With an incredibly fine texture, ultrafine zoysias can offer a dense, smooth surface with less visible wear and much better winter color than their counterparts, ultra-dwarf bermudas which will normally go dormant more rapidly in colder temperatures.
University of Florida turfgrass breeder Dr. Kevin Kenworthy is working on the development of a new line of ultrafine zoysias for greens. These developing lines are being tested in several locations including two sod producers, Modern Turf in South Carolina and at JW Turf in Florida. They are being evaluated as well at Clemson University.

Test plots have to be carefully maintained with reel mowers in order to simulate golf green conditions and to be tested under those conditions. The materials were propagated in plug trays and planted in the ground in 2019. The process to grow those varieties is a slow one so evaluations will take place over the next several years.

Ultrafine zoysia plots at Modern Turf.

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