Sod Solutions Accredited Licensed Turfgrass

Learn How Sod Solutions can Inspect and Accredit Your Fields

The purpose of the SALT (Sod Solutions Accredited Licensed Turfgrass) program is to preserve the genetic purity of a turfgrass variety while also ensuring a high quality turfgrass is being produced using best practice methods. Sod Solutions has successfully coordinated quality control programs in states and countries that have no direct state authorized Association of Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA). Many high end golf and sports grasses are sold under AOSCA State approved certification programs. However, most vegetative grasses sold, particularly for residential and commercial uses, have no formal certification or third party quality control oversight. The SALT program provides an objective, technical and comparative program for homeowners, commercial, golf, sports, and other end users on the background, genetic purity, and overall quality of a turfgrass. SALT is solely a Sod Solutions designed and managed program and is not affiliated with AOSCA.

As part of being SALT, Sod Solutions will:

  • Conduct pre-plant inspections of fields
  • Conduct annual or regular periodic inspections of fields
  • Identify Pests, Weeds, or other perennial grasses that may infest your production
  • Classify fields into four classes (Breeder, Foundation, Registered, Accredited)

Key Benefits

  • Ensure the quality and purity of your fields from an objective 3rd party
  • Have the ability to provide certifications for quality
  • Have the ability to accredit grasses in states without certification associations

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